Tiny Tales from the Night-Time: Small Things

It was such a small thing.

Nobody even noticed it happen, actually. If it were to recur, surrounding parties would only re-not-notice.

And yet, it was such a big thing.

Customarily, big things hog all the attention and leave the littles out in the cold. So why would this be any different? It shouldn’t be different.

This time, however, this small (and yet big) thing carried the weight of the world–all the troubles and pains and jeers and cheers (not to mention fears) of all of the people of all of the world. And all of these people cried. They felt their weight lying on top of the shoulders of an unnamed, vaguely distinct person who glimpsed by in a dream they all had the same night.

Luckily, no one recalled the dream once they woke up. They brushed off the discomfort of a bad night’s sleep and wondered what to eat for breakfast. The weighty little-big thing escaped everyone’s attention, and everyone was perfectly fine.

Who would remember such a little thing?

xo squea


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